Top Rated Junk Removal Service Newark Delaware House Clean Out Hauling Low Cost

Top Rated Junk Removal Newark Delaware House Clean Out Hauling Low Cost

Delawae Junk Removal will save you time and money over those 800 companies and the overpriced dumpster companies.

This is what our clients are saying:


August 07, 2014

Larry showed up with two trucks and packed them full with all sorts of debris including wood, carpet, and drop ceiling tiles.  Everything went smoothly and I'm thankful for Larry's services.  The price was very affordable.  Soft spoken, nice individual who takes pride in doing a quality job.  I look forward to using Delaware Junk Removal again in the future.

-Charles A.



August 06, 2014


A whole house estate clean out of two main living floors and a cellar. Removal of entire contents of house. |Larry was very prompt in returning my initial voice mail and scheduling an appointment for the estimate. |On the appointed scheduled day for clean out, Larry and his team of two others were on time and had the house done in about a half day. |They were also accommodating in terms of not taking everything to the junk yard but stopping at Good Will/Salvation Army as well for items that could be re-purposed. |Overall, a very positive experience


-John Z.



September 9. 2014

They were early by half an hour but that was okay. The deal was put as much in the truck as we could for $150 plus $75 for an old refrigerator (they are priced separately because of the environmental issue). I had a prioritized list and they cheerfully worked through a lot of it and kept saying ... "we could get this on the truck" and then they did. WOW


-Herbert A.